Funding Opportunity in Gangliosidoses!

The National Tay-Sachs & Allied Diseases Association (NTSAD) has announced its research grant RFP for 2018. The deadline for submission of one-page pre-applications is January 12, 2018. This year, NTSAD will be joined by the Cure Tay-Sachs Foundation (CTSF) in its RFP. CTSF is a grassroots organization that has been focused on funding Tay-Sachs disease research ever since its founding by parents over ten years ago.

Grants will be awarded for an initial period of one year at up to $40,000 direct costs per year (5% indirect cost rate); funding for a second year is predicated on adequate progress during year 1. The application will use a two-step process: first, a one-page pre-application will be submitted. From these pre-applications, investigators will be chosen to submit a full application for further peer review and funding consideration. The application format and review criteria are specified on page 2 of this RFP.

NTSAD LogoGrant awards are based on proposal evaluation by a Research Evaluation Subcommittee of NTSAD’s Scientific Advisory Committee. The grant awards will be announced in April 2018. The funding period begins approximately on July 1, 2018, pending the research institution’s agreement to NTSAD’s Research Grant Policies.

The NTSAD is soliciting proposals for innovative research projects that involve basic research, translational studies or clinical studies in any of the following diseases: Tay-Sachs disease, the GM-1 gangliosidoses, Sandhoff disease, or Canavan disease. CTSF’s funding interests will be only in Tay-Sachs disease. Basic research and translational studies should generate strong preliminary data to enable future major funding by other third parties. Projects may be in such areas as: drug delivery to the brain; new animal models designed to facilitate translational research and drug discovery; assay development for drug screening; substrate reduction; stem cells; molecular chaperones; gene therapy; biomarkers; and exploring other novel therapeutic strategies.

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